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Stacy Sutton
Vineyard Oak Dressage

Stacy Sutton has been successfully teaching and training both horses and riders for over 30 years. She focuses primarily on the art of Classical Dressage, Western Dressage, Working Equitation, and promoting the Gypsy Vanner Performance Horse. Adding to her diversity of knowledge, Stacy has a past riding, competing, and teaching background in the disciplines of Eventing and Hunters.


Stacy believes that Western Dressage is a progressive dance, and learning the steps is as enjoyable as the final result. Stacy works with riders of all levels and has a unique ability to address each horse and rider’s individual conformation and body type. She provides an informative and systematic teaching style that breaks down in detail the mechanics of the rider’s position in the saddle, and she can spot seemingly minor errors that can ultimately make a tremendous difference in the responsiveness of the horse.


These skills provide students with personalized tools to develop a beautiful and effective seat, thus enhancing the communication between each horse and rider. This also gives the rider and the horse security, safety and confidence. Stacy believes that Western Dressage is a fun way for a rider to develop better skills and enjoy enhanced communication with their horse, whatever its level, age, or breed.


Stacy is a current member of the United States Equestrian Federation, Western Dressage Association of America, Western Dressage Association of America California Affiliate, is a CAWDA Mentor, is a graduate of the WDAA Train the Trainers program, and Stacy has participated in the WDAA Judges Program to further expand her knowledge of Western Dressage.


In 2018 Stacy won the Western Dressage CAWDA Statewide High Point Open Championship and has been in the top placings of the CAWDA State awards since 2015. She successfully competed in the WDAA World Show in Oklahoma, and competes in National recognized USEF/WDAA Western Dressage shows in and out of the State of California. Stacy is currently successfully show campaigning a client’s horse who is enrolled in the WDAA Lifetime Awards Program and shows the Western Dressage Musical Freestyle. Stacy is passionate about continued education. She has attended the WDAA Judges Seminar as a means to improve her knowledge to share with her students and clinic riders. She also hosts and participates in educational Western Dressage clinics and events annually.


Although showing is not a requirement for Stacy's students, it does give incentive for her student's to benefit from judges feedback and award honors from the correct, solid, and sound training techniques they learn from Stacy in their day to day training. Stacy and her students enjoy competing at schooling shows, USEF/WDAA rated and schooling Western Dressage shows, USDF and CDS rated shows, Working Equitation shows, and special equine related events throughout the show season annually.

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