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Get your video camera ready! CAWDA is now offering virtual western Dressage shows. This is your opportunity to win more CAWDA prizes and ribbons! And if you can’t get to our High Point on-premise shows, this is a great way to continue to show and compete!

Our shows are hosted by Spotlight Horse Shows at

Upcoming CAWDA virtual shows are:

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

CAWDA Virtual Show Rules as of 4/9/2021:


1.    All CAWDA recognized virtual shows are open to CAWDA members and non-members.


2.    Competitors may ride more than one horse.  Each horse/rider combination is one entry.


3.    Competitors must adhere to WDAA Virtual Show rules, CAWDA Virtual Show Rules, and Show Management rules.  In case of a conflict in those rules, Show Management will bring the conflict to the attention of the CAWDA Board.


4.    “Open” in regard to classes denotes class is open to all competitors regardless of CAWDA designation. “Open” in regard to special High Point awards denotes CAWDA member status (i.e., Open/Professionals) or rider status designated on entry form for that show.


5.    Classes will be judged 10 days after the video submission phase ends. Results will be posted within 48 hours afterward at  Copies of the completed test sheets will be e-mailed to the competitor. (Subject to change by Spotlight Horse Shows.)


6.    CAWDA Virtual Shows will have four special High point awards:  Highest scoring Youth/Junior (Age 17 and under), Amateur, Open, and Exceptional rider (includes Coached and Lead line classes)  In case of a tie for any special High Point award, tie will be broken by the competitor who has the highest total collective marks.


7.    CAWDA members may earn their Rider Medals at the CAWDA Virtual Shows.  See the requirements and rules for earning Rider Medals at


8.    CAWDA Virtual show scores do not count toward the CAWDA High Point program (i.e., the on premise recognized shows), CAWDA Breed Awards or CAWDA Education Awards.


9.    All CAWDA Virtual shows are CAWDA Virtual Championship qualifiers for CAWDA members.


10.   All shows are WDAA Recognized and qualifiers for WDAA members for the WDAA World Show and WDAA Lifetime Points program (subject to WDAA rules and changes).


11.   All Shows are US National Dressage Classic Regional qualifiers. (These Regional shows include Western Dressage classes.)


12.   “Qualifying” for the CAWDA Virtual Championship show pertains to one rider/horse combination (horse ownership is not considered). Riders may compete with multiple horses, but each horse/rider combination qualifies separately.  No substitutions.


13.   Competitors must be CAWDA Members at the time of qualifying and during the Virtual Championship Show.


14.   Competitor must ride in at least one CAWDA Virtual Show held in the same year as the CAWDA Virtual Championship Show or have shown in the previous year’s Virtual Championship show.


15.   See the CAWDA Virtual Show schedule for qualifying shows.


16.   During the CAWDA Virtual Championship, the Championship tests are:


  • Test 3 of the Level being shown for regular Championship classes
  • Test 3 of the Level of Choice classes for Gaited and Exceptional Riders’ Championship classes
  • Level of Choice for Freestyle Championship class


17.   Spotlight Horse Shows Show Management reserves the right to change officials, combine or cancel classes, modify the schedule or make any other  changes to the show.  Show Management reserves the right to refuse or require withdrawal of an entry for cause.


18.   CAWDA reserves the right to change these rules at any time at its discretion.


New to Spotlight Horse Shows Virtual Shows?


1.    Go to

2.    Enter show office information at the link provided on the Virtual Show’s page – You will need your CAWDA membership number and WDAA membership number if you are planning to compete at the CAWDA Championship Show and/or are competing for CAWDA and WDAA awards and programs.  If you are an amateur, you will need your amateur card number from a recognized organization (e.g., USEF, AQHA, ApHC, etc.) or sign a personal attestation.

3.    Select the CAWDA show and enter the classes you desire.  There is no limit to the number of classes you may enter. If you enter more than one level, the levels must be consecutive.  Each Horse/Rider combination may not enter more than two levels at one show.

4.    Once your entry is accepted, you will receive an e-mail with your pre-filled class sign. This must be displayed at the start of your video.  You may start videoing your test once you receive your sign.

5.    Film and Upload Your Videos. Read the video rules and follow them carefully. If you do not already have one, create your YouTube channel and upload your videos. Once done, copy and paste the class description and video links on the Video Submission Form found on the show website.