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Home2018 CAWDA Breed Award Winners

Congratulations to all our 2018 High Point Breed Award Winners!

2018 High Point American Paint Horse Winner
I’ll Be A Scarlet Moon
381.4040 pts.

Wiens-Myte Please 2018
2018 High Point American Quarter Horse Winner
Myte Please
372.2550 pts.

2018 High Point American Sport Pony Winner
Fantasma's Moonshine
323.8880 pts.

Mattos-Ingrato JLE 2018
2018 High Point Andalusian Winner
Ingrato JLE
366.3960 pts.

Casalett-Aurora MR ++//
2018 High Point Arabian Horse Winner
Aurora Mr ++//
351.9360 pts.

Haining-Luna Nueva-2018-2
2018 High Point Azteca/Andalusian Cross Winner
Luna Nueva
368.2260 pts.


Sutton-Excalibur Elites Equine Entertainer 2018
2018 High Point Gypsy Vanner Winner
Excalibur Equine Elite's Entertainer
385.8040 pts.

Walsh-Countess Continuet 2018
2018 High Point Oldenburg Winner
Countess Continuet
368.3260 pts.

2018 High Point Palomino Winner
Zips Vanilla Belle
367.3290 pts.

2018 High Point Rescue Horse Winner
339.6630 pts.

Tahi-Show Me the Money
2018 High Point Thoroughbred Winner
Show Me The Money
339.9580 pts.

2018 High Point Zweibrucker Winner
371.1070 pts.