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2019 CAWDA Perpetual Western Dressage Education Award

In keeping with our educational charter and focus, the CAWDA Board will offer a special perpetual Education trophy for professional, amateur and youth members.

To qualify for the award,
1)  you must be a CAWDA member in good standing,
2)  be qualified for the CAWDA High Point awards by November 3 (i.e., having attended three shows and submitted at least five scores),
3)  and have participated in at least one Western Dressage educational event between November 1, 2018 and November 15, 2019.

The event must be approved by the CAWDA Board, but may be submitted before or after the event. All submissions must be submitted and approved no later than November 15, 2019.

Youth and Amateur members may attend a Western Dressage educational event, such as a clinic, seminar, Train The Trainers™ program, or a judges’ seminar as a participant. Auditing may be accepted provided the attendee can show proof of attending the event. Participation and auditing will be subject to verification with the event organizer.

Professional members may attend a Western Dressage educational event (as described above), or may teach or present a Western Dressage educational event such as a clinic or seminar. Teaching riding lessons or training (outside of a clinic or seminar) does not count for professional qualification.

Mentor activities will also count toward the qualifying educational event.

The qualifying educational event must occur between November 1, 2018 and November 15, 2019.

How do you win? The qualified Open, Amateur and Youth rider with the highest cumulative five scores at their highest level ridden at the end of the CAWDA High Point competition year, will be awarded this year’s perpetual trophy. (For example, if you rode Basic and Level 1, highest five scores in Level 1 would qualify.)

Enter your qualifying event by clicking the link below and upload a scanned receipt, ticket, event flyer or other proof of attendance. 

For questions about the award, ask us at

Note for trophy seekers – the CAWDA will retain the Perpetual trophy to be displayed at CAWDA events whenever possible. An engraved nameplate will be put on the perpetual trophy with the winning rider's name. Winners will receive a plaque or similar trophy (to keep forever) and a picture of themselves and the Perpetual trophies, which will be taken at the CAWDA year-end banquets.

Good luck and happy learning!