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The CAWDA Educational Mentor Program recognizes that its members are the program’s best spokespersons. The Mentors can use their enthusiasm and knowledge to project a clear and accurate image of Western Dressage.


To promote the vision and mission of the Western Dressage Association of America (WDAA) by building relationships with their local horse clubs and other venues interested in Western Dressage.
To offer a path for those who would like to help CAWDA promote Western Dressage in our State.

Mentor and Demonstration Rider Job Descriptions

A Mentor is a local representative (either amateur or trainer) who acts as a link between the local equine community and CAWDA. A Mentor is a good communicator, able to present the WDAA mission, basics of Western Dressage and information about CAWDA and WDAA.

A Demonstration Rider is a local representative (either amateur or trainer) who is willing to help the Mentor carry out the presentation of an exhibition. The Demonstration Rider is able to participate in exhibitions as their time allows. They become an “on call” rider to help in exhibition presentations.


Current membership in CAWDA and WDAA
Must have shown at Level 1 or above with a minimum score of 60%
Have attended either the Train the Trainers program, or have participated in at least two Exhibitions conducted by a Train the Trainers graduate
Enrollment in the Educational Mentor Program
Mentors are expected to:
• Coordinate the details of the educational venue a minumum of 45 days prior to each event and report back to the CAWDA Board for approval
• Choose and assign demo riders that are best suited for the event
• Meet with the committee to script the dialog for the event
• Organize a prior practice session if needed
• Visit the event location prior to the event if needed
• Arrive early at the educational venues to set up promotional materials, check sound system, and direct demo riders as they arrive

Demonstration Rider:
Current membership in CAWDA and WDAA
Has participated in at least one Western Dressage Show with one minimum score of 60%
Must be comfortable riding their horse at their current level in a strange setting or crowded venue
Horse must be fit enough to perform for the duration of the demonstration

Time Commitment

Initial Enrollment for one year
Enrollment is renewed by participant yearly
Demonstration Rider:


Recognition on the CAWDA web site and at the end-of-the-year banquet
Names of Mentors and Demonstration Riders would be listed on the CAWDA web site

Program Components

Create Regional Mentor Committees with a Chairperson Who Coordinates Events and Reports Back to the CAWDA Board.

Elect a chair or co- chairs amongst the members who would report to the CAWDA Board regarding presentation and community outreach.

Develop educational materials for use by the Mentors
Provide on-going support to those who sign up to be Mentors
No money is to be given to the Mentors for any presentation.
No individual trainer or other solicitation is to be promoted.
A list of trainers in good standing with CAWDA and WDAA may be distributed at events to encourage further contact with those interested in pursuing Western Dressage education.

Recognition and Presentation

Mentors and Demonstration Riders will purchase a CAWDA shirt that will be worn at events indicating that they are a member of the Educational Mentor Program. The word “Mentor” will also be embroidered onto their shirt that indicates that they are a Mentor. The Demonstration Rider will not have this word on their shirt.

All demonstration horses must be fit for the level in which they are presented. Horses must be in good health and clean for the day of the demonstration.

All tack and equipment used must be deemed legal as stated in the official WDAA rules.

Solicit Funds/Sponsors
Solicit corporate sponsorship from companies, trainers and others supportive of the Mentor Program.

Develop Educational Materials
The Educational Mentor Program will develop educational materials to be used by the Mentors containing the WDAA Mission, the basics of Western Dressage and information about CAWDA and WDAA. Materials would be available on a “Mentors Only” section on the CAWDA web site, and would be fully downloadable for their use.
CAWDA would use our Facebook page to showcase Mentors’ presentations, exhibits or projects.
A print or online scrapbook of events of presentations and other Western Dressage related activities would be encouraged.

Ongoing Support

CAWDA Board members would be available to Mentors to help answer questions in preparation for presentations and obtain insurance for events.

CAWDA expects high standards from the Mentors it sanctions and has the right to withdraw our sanctioned status if we find that these standards are not being met. All Mentors will adhere to the mission of WDAA and CAWDA, ensure that the welfare of the horse is paramount; conduct all business affairs with integrity and sincerity toward their clients and their horses; and communicate with CAWDA needs, concerns and suggestions for the sport of Western Dressage.


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